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Basic Info[]

HollowEpicness is the second player to join, and was the founder of the coalition. They currently reside as part of The Hermit Republic.


HollowEpicness joined on October 18, 2018, during the initial period. Soon after joining, Hollow founded The Coalition, a peacekeeping group. To celebrate this an as an act of peace, Hollow built peace arches at spawn, which were later griefed by Snoopyplayzs. The arches were rebuilt, and remained until they were griefed at the beginning of the Insanity period. The coalition remained active until a day or two into the insanity period, where they merged with REE Corp.

During the initial period, tensions between The Hermit Alliance (now republic) and The Coalition were high. These tensions remained high until the coalition was merged.

During the insanity period, Hollow was the co-leader of REE Corp, and remained a REE Corp official until they merged with The Hermit Republic at the beginning of the peace period. While this was happening, Hollow assisted in duping and duped large amounts of god kits, gapples, elytra, and other valuable items.

After the first grief of old mauzah, many suspected that REE Corp was behind it, or more specifically, hollow. These allegations were later proven false.

After REE Corp merged with The Hermit Republic, Hollow moved to Capital City and got a job as a construction worker. It was around this time that people began making the FakeHouse joke.