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Basic Info

MisterFPants is the chancellor of The Hermit Republic, and founder of FPants's Anarchy. He originally shared the realm on the minecraft forums, reddit, and mcbedrock, as well as jokingly posting it on /b/ at one point.


MisterFPants joined on 10/14/18, and built a cave house near spawn. Later, he moved bases a few hundred blocks away. During this time, HollowEpicness offered him a position in The Coalition, but he declined. After moving bases and creating a nether hub, he founded The Hermit Alliance alongside Succulent Poo.

On Oct. 22nd, he duped mass amounts of items with the dupe glitch introduced by TNT Blox 0. Using duped TNT, he began exploding the area around spawn, effectively beginning the downhill spiral into the insanity period.

On Oct. 26th, he build the furthest known base, at over 200k blocks out.

On Oct. 27th and 28th, he constructed a massive map canvas out of white concrete, and began building on it.

A slightly outdated picture of the map canvas.
Minecraft Anarchy - EXPLOSIONS!
A video of spawn being initially destroyed. Minecraft Anarchy - EXPLOSIONS!

Post Anarchy History

In the days following the anarchy server, MisterFP became submissive and breedable.

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