FPants's Anarchy Wiki

Basic Info[]

The Coalition was a peaceful clan that existed during the initial period and the beginning of the insanity period. HollowEpicness, the former leader of the group, eventually opted to change the name to The Order Of The Grey Wolves (TOGW). However, most players continued to call it The Coalition.


On October 17th, 2018, HollowEpicness chose to found the group. He initially invited the player XxHawktalonxX, though more came afterwards. The group, as a peaceful action, built the spawn arches that lasted until the beginning of the insanity period. For a long time, the group was the most powerful group, rivaled by the Cucketeers and the (then secret) Hermit Alliance.

The group had two main bases, one right near spawn, and another approx. 2k blocks away on a sand island. Both of which were respected until the insanity period, in which the bases got griefed.

During the initial period, xmx900 gifted the group an Ender Egg, the only existing one. This ender egg was later stolen by The Hermit Alliance, and remains in a secret base.

When the insanity period began, TNT Blox 0 befriended hollow, and taught him how to dupe. Later on, Hollow made the action to merge with REE Corp, making REE Corp the most powerful group in manpower, items, and clan score.