FPants's Anarchy Wiki

Basic Info[]

The Hermit Republic (THR) is a clan created as a secret alliance of hermits, originally named The Hermit Alliance. The group originally had 3 members, before exploding on November 1st after becoming THR.

The group originally operated out of a nether hub, though shortly into the insanity period it was found by and connected bases were griefed.


The group was founded as The Hermit Alliance around Oct. 17, when Succulent Poo and MisterFPants made an agreement to trade. Eventually, VoguishHorse421 joined the group. The group remained secret until the insanity period.

During this time, all 3 members came together into a nether hub. The nether hub remained used until XxHawktalonxX found the hub and raided, but not griefed, Succulent & Voguish. By this time, Pants had already moved on.

The group went on with little to no activity until near the end of the insanity period, when Pants recruited vBlaydon. They proceeded to built a base that is now known as Capital HQ. Eventually, at the end of the insanity period, the group renamed to The Hermit Republic and merged what is now Old Mauzah into the clan. Later, the REE Corporation disbanded and became a business inside of The Hermit Republic.

The group adopted a system that uses a Chancellor and 4 ministers. There is the Minister Of Construction, Minister Of Intelligence, Minister Of Economy, and Minister Of State. Each has individual responsibilities corresponding to each minister.

On Nov. 2nd, Capital City was founded, as well as New Mauzah. The Capital City was the largest gathering of players on the server, with around 10 active citizens.

On Nov. 5th, the Isle Of REE, an island off the coast of Capital City, was attacked by multiple withers both invisible and visible. The withers were dealt with and the attacker has yet to be discovered. Overnight, Capital City and New Mauzah were both griefed. The damage to Capital City has been repaired, though the attacker(s) have yet to be discovered. On Nov. 10th 2018, the Republic griefed its own Capital City, marking the official transition to a new base.